The White Road (Nightrunner #5) by Lynn FLewelling

The White Road (Nightrunner, #5) The White Road by Lynn Flewelling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
After the last book's excessive torture scenes, this book reads like a breath of fresh air. Serigil and Alec are together, they're still discovering secrets about each other, and there's plenty of archery, sword fighting, feasting, and all the other stuff that is supposed to be in this genre. When Flewelling gets back to the heart of this series, she really gets it right. My only complaint is that the supporting character's names are becomeing more difficult to tell apart. I hope there's a companion book in the works, something that breaks down the various languages so there's something to go by other than what are now appearing to be random syllables strung together.

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