Review: The Wolf Gift

The Wolf Gift
The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

My rating: 0 of 5 stars

50% of the way through and I have no curiosity about what happens next because so little has happened so far. The "man wolf" is an interesting idea, but when an author uses the characters very dull internal monologue as plot, all my interest is crushed. Also, having the character do the same research that the author probably did as a part of your story? That's padding AND lazy writing.

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Review: Carry the One

Carry the One
Carry the One by Carol Anshaw

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beautiful writing that almost masks a go-nowhere story. There's so much opportunity for something to happen to any of the characters who are present for a life shattering moment, but one day after finishing this I realized that not one of them went in a direction different than the one they were headed in before it happened. Maybe that's Anshaw's point, that life doesn't turn on a dime. But if that's true, what was the point of dragging the reader through all that well written angst?

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