Break by Hannah Moskowitz

BreakBreak by Hannah Moskowitz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Taking the author's age (16 when this was written), this would be a strong 4 star rating. Also, the first three quarters of the book, regardless of how young the author was, would earn 4 stars. But it's a grown-up, read the whole book world when you publish, so there you have it - 3 stars.

Moskowitz does a beautiful slow reveal of the screwed up life that Jonah has partially been given and partially created for himself. It's a coming of age story, in that unless Jonah learns what he can and can not control, he's not going to make it alive. As this is something that a lot of adults never figure out, there is a real sense of danger of how far things will go, not only with Jonah's personal demons, but also in how he deals with the family and friends that his instincts tell him the truth about but his heart isn't ready to believe.

The story changes speed, unfortunately, when it starts to build for a climax rather than an ending. Yes, it makes sense that someone who's been doing horrible self destructive things would do something even more self destructive when pushed to his limits, but Jonah's never shown the least bit of impetuosity in his actions. He always put the needs of others first - that's how he got to where he ended up. If there was something that caused that sudden major personality change, I missed it.

But up until the change up of the finish, this was a very good book.

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