Two poems

(But first we pause to pat ourselves on the back for posting some original writing. Ahhh, yes....that was supposed to be a major part of this blog and of particpating in NaBloPoMo!)

Two cingquains, one traditional and one modern, on the same topic. These are the result of my morning writing warmup.


Wasn't cool
Wasn't wet wind
Now one day later


Low skies
Get out the coats
Cemetery garden
Vermin moving into the house
Close time

if you're curious about what's the difference between the traaditional and modern form, here you go, from the wonderful Writing Fix website.

Totally unrelated, but potentially poetry inspiring, SpaceWeather.com has issued an "Aurora Alert" because of current solar windstream patterns. I've seen one Aurora Borealis in my life, surprisingly when I was near a major city with lots of light pollution. They are amazingly beautiful, even in a watered down form.

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