Review: Outlaw

Outlaw by Angus Donald

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Robin Hood is the supporting character in this story, but it's obvious he is not a supporting character in Alan Dale's life (and heart, although the book never acknowledges that in the way I would have liked). It's Donald's portrayal of a flesh and blood and less than perfect Robin and his band of outlaws that makes this a very good take on the classic tale. Alan's sudden transformation from child cutpurse to one of Robin's closest associates is a little hard to believe, given Robin's very understandable distrust of almost everyone outside his brother, Little John and Tuck, requiring a giant leap of faith on that necessary part of the story arc. The settings and historical trappings are well researched and provide a background that strengthens but never overshadows a dark, violent and very readable plot.

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