Review: The Lake Effect

The Lake EffectThe Lake Effect by Blake Sebring

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Told almost as a series of stores, this first novel from journalist Blake Sebring reminded me quite a bit of Charles Baxter's "The Feast of Love", in that the narrator takes the reader along with them on not only a physical journey but an emotional one as well. We go along as he reconnects with a group of friends of college while trying to discover if an idea proposed by one of them, that every person has a moment that they can identify when they became what they perceive to be an adult, turned out to be true. Some of their moments are big, some are small, but to a man (and woman) it turns out the theory was correct. The book is front loaded with setting (you can almost feel the weight of that snow in the book's title) and back loaded with dialog, the latter so much so that it would be an easy screenplay adaptation.

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