Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror, Version 2.0 The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror, Version 2.0 by Christopher Moore

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Christopher Moore is the mockery master. His books are genius when he's making fun of the people (small town law officer who has every reason to fear the DEA) and places (tourist town residents that are anything but visitor friendly). Moore proved that he'd hold nothing as sacred in his hilarious book [Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal], so there should be no surprise that when Raziel, the possibly intellectually challenged angel from that book shows up in a small coastal California town a few days before Christmas, things go wrong. A simple directive from God isn't so simple when the local crazy woman goes off her meds, a divorced couple has one argument too many, a short term visitor wants to make long term plans and kids say the darndest things. There are a few more colorful characters with their own subplots, all very entertaining, but with so many people milling about this town, there's not a lot of room for Raziel. Remember him? From the title of the book? He disappears for chunks of the book, and despite the town constable showing passing interest in discovering who he is, he's a fringe character in his own story. Perhaps that is the way of angels. Either way, this is a very funny book when it's looking at what goes on off of Main Street, so-so funny when it's trying to follow its own plot line.

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